yoga gardens doing yoga
yoga gardens backbend




Yoga Gardens hires certified yoga instructors to teach free community classes throughout the week in the garden. Classes are open to all local residents, and specific classes are formed for young adults. Please check our free yoga class schedule for location and times

Yoga As a Cure: Yoga dates back more than 5,000 years, and is a system for physical and mental exercise.We utilize yoga as tool to teach peace, reduce stress, prevent and eliminate disease in areas which are highly affected by these issues. Hundreds of studies have proven that yoga significantly improves a practitioners health and well-being.

Yoga Gardens exposes these remarkable effects to people in communities which would otherwise have limited or no access to a yoga practice. Stressed and impoverished communities are in great need of the benefits that come from a yoga practice. In area’s with high crime, high unemployment and little healthy food options, yoga is a vital tool in aiding stress relief and health issues. It’s no wonder why our classes are full, and students & residents flock to the garden!