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Yoga Gardens NFP

Our Misson

Yoga Gardens NFP uplifts and empowers underserved communities by providing safe spaces for self- realization, through yoga, meditation, nutrition, mental health support, and LGBTIQA+ resources. We alleviate stress due to trauma and disease in areas where these difficulties are most prevalent.

Our Vision

Through a true grassroots effort, we bridge the cap, giving our inner city communities the opportunity to experience effective mental health healing therapies. We transform neighborhoods creating safe spaces for residents to self-reflect, revitalizing communities that often accumulate garbage, and attract criminal activity, 

How To Help?

Yoga Gardens NFP is looking for a building, funds, and your support to be able to continue our programming all year round. We will allocate an indoor safe space to create a sustainable self-realization center for individuals to learn how to deal with everyday stressors, and acquire tools to implement positive habits in their lives. By opening up a new world of possibilities to the youth in impoverished neighborhoods, we enable people to experience change in themselves and their communities. So help us be the change, we all wish to see. Donate today, and our GoFundMe coming soon.

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