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Eco Village 

By Yoga Gardens NFP

     Yoga Gardens NFP will transform empty city lots into an eco-village that hosts a peaceful place for mindful practices and community-oriented farming. The eco-village will serve as a self-realization center in an urban community. Powered using sustainable methods, the eco-village will be a center for meditation, yoga, qi gong, and other mindful practices, as well as an organic farming and gardening center. The goal of the program is to create a safe educational environment in a challenging neighborhood where residents will have access to learn essential tools for living a healthy lifestyle. Through Yoga Gardens NFP we have seen how offering mindful practices and gardening has helped in urban communities, aiding in overcoming hardship when living in intense environments comparable to war zones, and ultimately changed the neighborhood for the better. Programs will be structured as 2-3 day vipassana style meditation courses, which include silent meditation, yoga, qi gong, and education around growing food.

The Eco-Village will include three geometric domes, one for mediation/yoga, and the other two domes for male/female restrooms and showers. There will be eleven yurts, eight for housing during the vipassana program, two for a gathering space, and one dining area. The Eco-Village will be surrounded by native plants, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and include an underground greenhouse. Yoga Gardens NFP will only use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials on this project, and teach about sustainable building methods. This project would create an accessible space for people to learn how to remain equanimous despite the trauma and struggle they experience daily.

 Other programs
Women Empowerment
Parenting classes/ Child care
Fine Arts 
Sustainable living

Solar energy



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Liane Sebastian
Illustrator of  Eco-Village

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