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Our Mission

Goddess Gardens is a woman-founded and operated 501 c (3) organization offering peaceful and safe spaces for self-care paired with positive mental health practices, including yoga, meditation, women empowerment, nutrition, and mental health services. Goddess Gardens will serve women and young girls in the Virgin Islands as a whole and also offer services to underserved individuals who wouldn’t usually have access to these types of healing modalities.

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Our Vision 

Our vision is to provide the underserved in the USVI with programing that aids in mental health care, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, empowerment workshops, and mental health tools so that individuals whom these practices aren’t usually accessible can practice and experience effective mental health healing therapies. Yoga, meditation, good nutrition, and therapy have been scientifically proven to benefit health in numerous ways including stress reduction, PTSD management, depression, anger management, and increase productivity. We know that this will not only positively impact the lives of individuals, but engage and empower the community too.

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How To Help?

Our next step of this mission, is to create an outdoor sustainable self-reflection center for individuals to learn how to deal with everyday stressors, practice mindfulness, and learn tools to implement positive habits in their life. Goddess Gardens believes that yoga/meditation and good nutrition paired with stress relief tools will serve as a balanced mental, physical and spiritual support system to all women but especially underserved individuals who would otherwise not have access to these influential services. This will empower and uplift not only women but the community as a whole. 

We are looking for land, and your support!

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