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Gardening Program

Yoga Gardens Gardening Program is designed to meet the needs in the community and each program incorporates the following principles:


  •  Encourage academic learning through hands on activities.

  •  Develop practical, vocational and life skills.

  •  Provide opportunities to serve and interact in our community.

  •  Cultivate a safe and nurturing place for youth to interact.

  •  Promote ecological awareness and responsibility.

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Yoga Program

Yoga Gardens Yoga Program is designed to helps Adults, teens, and childern in the communtiy in several ways:


  • Improve fitness and physical health. ... 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety. ... 

  • Improve optimism. ... 

  • Improve focus and school performance. ... 

  • Improve self-esteem and body image. ... 

  • Encourage creativity. ... 

  • Develop discipline and self-regulation.


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Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

Yoga Gardens Leadership Program helps youth to development skills in leadership by giving them the support in their leadership journeys on personal, academic and professional levels


  • Understanding positive leadership; review pre-program assessments

  •  Positive leadership practices

  •  Goal setting, authentic leadership, and creating a thriving culture

  • Define and leverage your life purpose to drive organizational performance

  • Day 5: Review personal case projects and develop action plans


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Indigenous Youth Summer Camp

  • Week 1

    Welcome to Yoga Gardens!

    Get to know each other and learn the basics of the Gardens

  • Week 2

    Yoga and Gardening Program

    Learn how we can use yoga and gardening as a teel to reduce stress

  • Week 3

     Field Trip 

    The Youth Leadership team will plan a day trip to Montrose Beach, Garfield Conservatory or etc.

  • Week 4

    Fire Performance + Camping Trip

    Youth will get the chance to enjoy the wonders of camping at a beautiful state park.

  • Week 5

    Finalize projects for the Parent Showcase!

    Youth will invite family to camp and show  all the amazing things they've learned.


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Preteen Education

  Ages 10-14


Att: Preteen Education

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